Our Values

We believe that God cares!

It may come into question from time to time as we see evil and evil things happening in the world or even to us whether or not God really cares. Or even exists? We believe that God both exists and cares. We believe that God is Creator and created all things, including you and me, of which we are the crowning or best of creation and that God desires do be in a relationship or community with us, that is called the Divine Purpose.

We believe that the world is broken and not getting better

If it is true that God exists and that He cares then how do we explain evil and bad things that happen? We believe that through Adam and Eve, the first male and female created, that Sin entered into the world. Simply stated, Sin is anything that goes against God’s will and nature. And with sin comes death, destruction, pain and suffering. Sin not only exists in the world but exists in us as people. People are not inherently good. And it is sin which prevents us from having a relationship or being in community with God.

We believe there is an Answer

If we are separated apart from God is there anything you and I can do to restore that relationship? The simple answer is no! On our own we can not change our inherent nature. This is the same sort of danger that exists in having a tiger or large wild cat as a house pet. They inherently kill to eat and at some point that nature will show up because even with extreme training that nature still exists inside of them. But because God Cares, He sent Jesus, His only Son. And Jesus through His death on the cross provided an answer for us to be restored and in relationship with God.

We believe God designed and desires to use The Church to change the world

Jesus not only came to restore you and me to God but He also came and established a body of followers and organized them into a church. It is the job or ministry of the church to carry on His work as representative of Him and the Father and is done through the power of the Holy Spirit, the third member of God-head. We Believe that the Church exists to Gather, to Grow and to Go into all the world living out this message.

Additionally, The Church at Estrella is part of the Southern Baptist Convention and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).

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