Meet the Team




Meet the Team

Charles Scheffe
Lead Pastor

Charles has been with TCE since its birth.  He is an exciting visionary that dreams of reaching, teaching and leading people in Estrella to know Jesus and become followers of Him.

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Caleb Glennie
Family "Ninja" Pastor

Caleb has been with TCE from the beginning.  He leads in all areas of family and discipleship because we believe that these two things go together.  

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Courtney Sheffield
Worship Lead

Courtney has been part of TCE Worship from the beginning. And we are excited to have her leading now. Courtney loves to sing and lead people to the throne of God.  She lives out "God Honoring Worship" not only on the stage but off it too.  

Stefanie Scheffe
Volunteer and Member Information Specialist

Stefanie loves data!  And she keeps all our data safe and secure at TCE as well as makes sure you are well taken care of by our staff, from prayer requests to if you are gone for too long, she cares.

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Erin Meyers
Administrative Assistant

Erin joined the team in 2019.  She helps keep everything flowing and moving forward with all the behind the scenes tasks it takes to make a service and event come off smoothly.  

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Ryan Vergano
TCE Students and Band Lead

Ryan joined the team in February of 2019 as the TCE Student Pastor and soon after began leading our TCE Worship Band.  Ryan is passionate about students meeting Jesus and leading people in God honoring worship.

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TCE Worship
Lead in God Honoring Worship

We are so blessed to have a team of talented musicians who lead in God honoring worship each week.  From high energy to hymns this team takes people straight to the throne of God and that is their passion.

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Emily Neiss
Kids World Jr. Director

Emily joined the TCE team in June of 2019.  She loves kids and seeing their eyes light up with joy and excitement as she shares the stories of Jesus and the Bible with them.