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This page is designed to help with questions that most people have before they ever come visit on a Sunday.  But if you are ready to come visit, then skip ahead to the Plan My Visit page that will give you what you need/ want to know to show up and worship with us.

Times and Location

Bible Believing Church

Let me start with a little about who we are.  We are a SBC church start. In other words, we are church that believes in the Bible, teaches the Bible, tries to do what the Bible says, and we have not been around for very long. We are new to the community. And, just like our community is growing, so is the number of people who are gathering with us each week. We are a great place to come meet new friends who live and work right here in our community, and have a desire to see it become one of the best around. In fact, we believe that we should be a little bit of heaven on earth.

Jesus Following Church

We have made it our goal to help people learn what it means to live the life of a Jesus follower.  We don’t know everything, but we desire to learn and grow.  We also strive to be a place that is safe to ask questions in.  So, it doesn’t matter if you are a longtime follower of Jesus, or if you are not even sure if there is a God, you are always welcome, and so are your questions, your skepticism, and even your thoughts.  And together we will investigate the truth that is shared from the Bible.

Community Changing Church

We have also made it our goal to make our community and world better.  There is so much brokenness and hurt that exists in the world today.  And we do not want to be silent about that.  We do not believe that Jesus would be okay with it.  So, we go.  We desire to go to our neighbors when they need help.  We desire to go to events here in our community and help.  We desire to go to places in our city and help.  And we desire to go around the world and help.

Gather, Grow, Go

We sum up these three things with the words Gather, Grow and Go.  We think this is what the church (a group of people living out the mission and message of Jesus, together) is all about.  And when you come you will hear us say that we believe The Church exists to Lead People to Be the Church.  Gather, Grow, Go is what we think that is, and this is what we think that looks like.  Now you know a little more about us.

We look forward to you coming and visiting with us on a Sunday Morning. To plan your visit click here.

Still not sure?  Check out one of our worship services online.