Find a Community Group

FAQ about Community Groups

Why Community Groups?

The number 1 thing most people are looking for is to be loved, and the second is to belong.  In short we are all looking for community, people to do life with and know we are are not alone.

If you clicked on this link, then you are probably looking for a group.  We have many different groups, each meeting at different times and locations. And we are constantly adding more.

Who is in a community group?

Everyone is invited to a Community Group.  You don’t have to be a member of The Church at Estrella, or even live in Estrella in order to come to a group.  Each group is made up of 4-5 families.  This could be a single person, a mom and her kids, a retired couple, all could make up a family.

What does a community group do?

We believe that Community Groups are the place to practice what it means to be the church.  And we think the church does 3 things: Gathers, or gets together because they like each other and have fun together, Grows, or learns about God’s word together, and Goes, or serves their community together.

When do groups meet?

You can find out more about when and where for all of our groups by clicking here.

Do I need to bring something?

Each group is a little different.  Some do food each week, others play games some weeks, and others are out serving together (like painting or other fun projects).  It is always best to send an email or phone call to the group leaders before coming.  Find that here